Dungeon Live Wallpaper

Over the last month I’ve been working on a small project I could piece together pretty quickly. It’s essentially a dungeon crawler themed wallpaper which runs in the background with the hero exploring each level, once he’s checked out each room he’ll seek out the stairs.

What’s left?

There’s a few ideas left to add in, the main one is to add more variations including room content, wall sets and enemies. I also like the idea of making it more RPG style giving the hero health and the ability to pick up health potions

Runners v0.0.4

There’s not a huge amount to see in this update as most changes are behind the scenes or still needing some tidying up before being showcased.

Potential Inventory

The way the inventory and tasks worked together was somewhat flawed when adding a task which had requirements. The issue was that it was checking the current item quantities instead of what the runner would be carrying at the time. The solution was to create a ‘potential inventory’ system which would calculate what a runner would be carrying at the time of the task if all previous tasks had been completed.


A simplistic dialogue system has been added, only for the tutorial at the moment but now it’s in place it can be used elsewhere it’s needed. The tutorial itself still needs to be updated to be more informative, currently it just tells the player the items they need to complete it but I plan to change it so it explains the UI as well.

Map Updates

The majority of the map updates are still a work in progress but in the mean time I’ve added a new building type, the tavern. The tavern allows you to hire more runners and therefore allows you to perform multiple tasks at once. A few more random houses have also been thrown onto the map which at this point purely act as locations to receive quests.

Icon Pusher

I began looking into creating an icon pack again and found out there didn’t seem to be any resources for getting the app details for creating it. If you use one of the template systems they have an email option where it emails the pack developer the request. I don’t think this is great really, if your pack becomes popular then you could have to sift through lots of email.

Over the last month I’ve been putting together a new site with an Android app counterpart. It’s called Icon Pusher and it’s a utility for icon pack developers for getting app icons and their package/component names. So far the app sends all the app information to the server but the idea is to be able to integrate it into icon pack templates to allow users send their requests directly to the site instead of sending email.

Icon Pusher App
Icon Pusher App

The idea is you install the app (from Google play) onto your phone and submit the apps you want to push to the site, this will send the package and component names needed for the icon pack then the site goes off to get the icon from Google.

Icon Pusher Website
Icon Pusher Website

The website simply displays all the submitted icons and provides the XML needed to copy into the android icon pack files. The ideal situation would be to integrate it into the icon packs themselves so the icon requests would be direct without needing the my app at all.

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Well it’s safe to say that a redesign (a design anyway) was way past due so I’m now pleased to announce The old site just used a basic skeleton theme but this time I’ve actually created something.

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Exitus v0.0.1

Over the last week I’ve been starting to convert Exitus over to libGDX & Kotlin. During the process a couple of additions have also been added.

Not just squares

The first noticeable change is that the city generation now allows non square buildings to be created. This was on the list of changes for quite a while but it’s been added in during the rebuild. You’ll have to excuse the textures, it’s still using the whole spritesheet as the centre textures for the building sections.


The other change is the appearance of buildings. The building models now have two different height walls for the internal and external views. Outside a building has full height walls but moving the camera inside the building cuts away to show the current floor. The left image shows the internal view and the right image shows the external walls (in the top left).

What’s next?

After finishing the basic structure of the building, the next step is to add neighbouring city block generation for an infinite map.

Runners v0.0.3

The main update for this version is adding an info panel for the runners and locations. It provides the player with additional actions including centring the map on the selected element, creating a task for a runner from a location and opening the runner’s inventory.

The above show what will appear when a runner is selected, the icons are an image of the selected runner, the tasks button and the inventory button. The sizing and position still needs a bit of tweaking as you may have guessed. You’ll also probably notice that the runner has a different appearance too. The core method for allowing different skins is now in place so you can easily identify which runner is which (when you can finally have more than one)

I mentioned the inventory earlier which has also been put back into place but it’s currently being scaled so the text is a little blurry

Another important addition for this version is getting the saving working again which required a complete remake for the GDX infrastructure. Like before the gdx update the camera position and the runner data is saved.

Runners v0.0.2

The most visible change made this week is another one which hadn’t been implemented in the original version and that’s background animation on the map. This is really another reason why it was decided to move over to gdx, although possible with the original version it would have been time consuming and gdx has made it a breeze to get working.

Another change which is being worked on is adding landscape orientation support. The original version was purely portrait and adding landscape was always an afterthought but being that the UI is being rebuilt anyway, it’s the perfect time to get it plumbed in.

The rest of the development has been migrating elements from the original version into the new. A slow gradual process.