A new perspective

After spending an excessive amount of free time trying to get 3D picking to work without any success I decided to go back and revisit the original plan.

When I first started out planning this game I was originally torn between two very different directions. Firstly there was a more old-school type RPG style using point & click on an isometric field. The other was more of an action RPG where the player would be in direct control of their character. Originally I was leaning towards the isometric as I thought it would work better on touch screen devices and there were certain aspects of gameplay could be integrated. For example, I wanted ammunition to be relatively scarce and for the player to weigh up using valuable ammo from a safe distance or going in for a melee attack. I think this idea works better in a classic RPG style due to weapon familiarity could then be added to provide better accuracy and damage.

Although I preferred isometric and thought it would work better, I chose to go with a top down approach purely out of laziness which was probably a bad step. I knew that if I used a top down setup then it would allow me to adopt a GTA style of sprites where only one direction would be needed and rotated. The isometric view would however need a different graphic for each direction.

During working on the isometric tiles I revisited the AS3 graphics API which I’ve not really looked at much for the last few years and there are a few neat feature which have been added in. One which I’m now using is the ability to use texture triangulation on the 2D canvas in the same way you would in the 3D stage. This means that I can reuse my road texture which could create all road tiles from just one square image.

You may be wondering what’s going on with the tiles, the lime green & white set is the old tiles which was loading in each city block as it was in the 3D version. The dark green tiles is using a new technique which consists on only 100 tiles which dynamically update their positions and tile types based on the player’s position. Doing it in this manner should be more memory friendly as there will be less creating / removing and fewer tiles overall.