Game Development (June 2013)

Well it doesn’t really feel like there’s been huge leaps & bounds in anything to see over the last month but the basis of some pretty important pieces have been put into place. Please note that the video is also zoomed out to what it will be, this is purely to show how the tiles are working. The first noticeable change will be the buildings but they’re merely placeholders for something better which is why they look pretty flakey. They’re currently created based on individual tiles which won’t really work as a whole as they’re going to need to know which building type they’re part of and which tile of that building. There’s also the issue where buildings at the edge of a city section have a wall through the middle. The next thing to notice would be the enemies are back, even if they are very basic in their current state. At present there’s a set limit of five which will randomly spawn on the level load and respawn when they’re knocked off the map. They move very linearly, as in a randomly picked direction and they’ll travel in that direction non-stop unless you get close enough for them to follow you. They can also be targeted and attacked by the player, though this is a very primitive process as it currently stands. What’s Next? Like I mentioned earlier, the buildings really could do with a lot of work but at this point I’m thinking that the basics of different building types would be good to get in place. Another important item on the todo list is obstacles and let the player walk through walls =)