Trials of Oryx

While I was looking at sprites for my rogue like game at Oryx Design Lab, it turns out that they’re doing a competition called Trials of Oryx¬†which started on the day I started looking into doing the game, what are the chances?

I’ve taken this chance to accept the obvious fate and join in with the challenge. Could be tricky with a minuscule amount of free time I have for such things but perhaps it’s the inspiration I need to keep at it.

I’ll try to keep updates coming but for now, I’ve got a game to make =)


I love playing the majority of video game genres but think out of all of them, RPG games are probably my favourite game genre and delving down, rogues would have to be my favourite sub genre.

For those not in the know, rogue like games are classic dungeon crawlers which are randomly generated and notoriously difficult.

It’d been a while since I’d played one and once I’d delved in, I became obsessed. After a week of being reminded of the unforgiving difficulty it dawned on me that a started building a dungeon based game many moons ago. I checked my project folder to make sure it was still in existence, luckily it was.

Although it’s in the very early stages, the key functionality of the seeded random dungeon generator was pretty much in place. Other pieces in place is the beginnings of the path finding and sprite loading.

As you can see it’s all rather barebones, the same one sprite is used to represent the player and the enemies, stairs are yellow tiles & doors are green. Where I left it, it was mainly the dungeon generation which was being developed with everything else to be thought about later on.

I’m quite keen to pick this project up again so hopefully I’ll have more updates in the near future while the enthusiasm is in full flow =)