Roguelike (2013-12-24)

Well I submitted by game last night but have mixed feelings about it.

I’m pleased with the amount I got sorted with the limited time available but I’m not happy with the quality, especially towards the end as I was having to cut a few corners in order to get core functionality in place.

For example, the inventory & UI in general was very slapdash, levelling and experience of the player and items was somewhat unfinished & untested and there were still quite a few noticeable bugs in place.

The main bug is still the shadows, they still allow defogging of tiles behind walls and there’s a weird ghosting issue where you can see ghostly enemies on the fogged tiles but they’re not there when you get to the tile.

Since the last update I’ve added in enemy AI, they’ll intercept you when they see you and go to attack. If they lose sight of you for too long they’ll lose interest and stop chasing. I quickly added in food to heal the player.

Anyway, for anyone wanting to see what was submitted, you can download it here

Roguelike Development (2013-12-08)

Progress of the roguelike has been slow but steady, not really had a huge amount of time to spend on it but happy with what I have managed to do.

I thought I’d post as a slight milestone has been hit and that’s shadows & fog of war. I remember spending many hours before trying to get a good 2D shadow algorithm created and failed due to heavy resource usage but I’ve come up with a new method which works quite well.

It still needs a little tidying up but it’s a start.