Runners v0.0.5

It's been another hiatus since the last update but there's been a fair amount of progress made recently.

I've finally gotten around to improving the UI in some areas. The task screen has been completely remade to remove the majority of the text and use icons instead. Tapping on an icon will show a text popup with the description.

v005 Task UI

Another important addition has been changing how text is stored, it’s now done in a way to allow automatic language switching within the game based on the device.

The map has also been completely remade due to software issues (more on this below). During the recreation, I’ve decided to add in a few different biomes to help split up the map. This still needs a lot of work but the variety of environments will help to make the world a bit more interesting. It’s still a work in progress so the edges between the biomes still needs work.

Biome 1Biome 2

Alongside the actual game development, the tools used to help create the game have also changed. Originally I was using Tilesetter to create the map but unfortunately due to bugs in the software, it caused additional work with parts of the map having to be recreated multiple times. I’ve since moved over to using Tiled which does essentially the same task as Tilesetter but appears to be still in active development. On top of that, Tiled also has a lot of features already implemented which are still on the Tilesetter roadmap which I’ve been waiting for to help with production.

Recently there has also been a lot more planning on the whole project including features to add and what needs fixing/changing. One essential point is the pricing. Originally it was planned to make the game completely paid but now it will be a freemium type game with ads that can be removed with a one-off payment.