Kotlin & KTOR


When it comes to android development I really love working with the Kotlin language, I can see why Google changed from Java to Kotlin as the default language.

With web development I find PHP to be fine but it can fell like a chore to work with. Perhaps it's having to work with old projects for work with bad code along with the lack of strict data types but I find it to be quite unenjoyable to use these days. Perhaps it's also partially down to have experienced, in my opinion, a better language.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been learning about Kotlin for web development using KTOR. As a basic test I decided to recreate my site to see how easy or would be and I can happily say it's been a mostly great experience. The main down side has been a bit of a lack of documentation, especially with getting it set up on the server using Jetty9. I've managed to get it up and running but I'll probably have to write up the process so I have a reference in the future.